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For something that’s as unique as you are our handmade jewelry is second to none. At Artistry in Gold, our jewelry designer, James Rath, can create one-of-kind pieces inspired by your ideas. Designer jewelry catches the eye. It makes you feel extra special to know that the piece of jewelry you’re wearing is not the same as any other. Handmade jewelry is wearable art. Together with you we help you design and create your own unique piece.

Handmade jewelry adds a personal touch to any gift, and it is special for many occasions. How about custom designed wedding rings to make the symbol of a marriage more intimate? Why not choose a favorite gemstone for a necklace to give as a gift or a specially made bracelet to put a smile on the face of someone you care about? With handmade jewelry, the options are endless. 

If you are looking for custom jewelry in San Diego County, visit us today at Artistry in Gold for a consultation with our master jeweler. We work with your ideas to carefully create something exquisite, whether it’s a handmade jewelry gift for someone special, or a special piece for yourself.



Starting the Design Process

At Artistry In Gold, we work hard to craft the custom jewelry piece that’s right for you. We have experience making rings, bracelets, pendants and more. Whatever you can dream, we can build!  Here is what you can expect when you bring your idea to us:



Initial consultation

During our initial meeting, we will go over possible ideas or designs you have in mind. We will ask questions about your lifestyle, which will help us design a piece not just for beauty but also functionality. We will offer concepts and styles that may fit what you’re looking for.  We will also discuss any gemstones you may be looking for. We can offer you diamonds and various fine-colored stones from around the world. We can help educate you on the four C’s of diamonds: cut, clarity, color and carat weight.



Working on the design

After our initial meeting, we will put together designs to show you at the next meeting. After many years of jewelry design, we have become adept at putting your ideas into concepts that can be worked into a computer rendering or a hand-drawn sketch.


The Second Meeting

This meeting is very exciting. We will show you rendering of the concepts from the first meeting. At this point, you will begin to see what your piece is going to look like. We will then show you gemstones that will work with the designs we have discussed. Many of these stones come from our inventory, but we can also shop for the perfect stone from one of our many suppliers.



Wax model

After all the details have been worked through, we will create a hand-carved or computer-generated wax model for casting.







The wax model is cast in the precious metal of your choice. We use what is known as the lost wax method of casting. The casting will then be meticulously hand finished to bring out all the fine details of the design.




Stone setting and finishing

The final stage, and maybe the most important one, is the setting of the gemstones and final finishing. At this point, great care must be taken to ensure the gems are straight and secure. When the stones are set properly, you should be able to wear your jewelry with pride and confidence, anytime, anywhere. The attention to detail to the final finish and polish can be the difference between your average jewelry piece and a piece of art created by a master jeweler.




The Finished Product

After nearly 30 years of jewelry design, we have learned how to translate customers’ ideas into visual concepts; therefore, you can be assured that we will create that special piece from your mind’s eye. In the end, your only responsibility will be enjoying the piece!


Custom Jewelry Designs by James Rath – View full catalogue


Biblical Coin Necklace

Cinnamon Zircon

Cinnamon Zircon Ring

Jade and Diamond

Jade and Diamond Necklace

Diamond Ring

Custom Diamond Ring

Emerald and Diamond

Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Emerald and Diamond

Emerald and Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Custom Diamond Ring


Opal Necklace


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