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The diamond industry often refers to the “four C’s” of a diamond. These refer to the cut, clarity, carat weight and color. The cut of a diamond refers more to the proportions and symmetry, and how well it interacts with light, rather than the shape of the stone. A well cut diamond will have the right proportions and angles to allow light reflect from every facet, giving it a fiery brilliance. The clarity refers to how clear, or lack of natural flaws or inclusions. These inclusions can vary in color shape and size, from very slight wispy white flecks, to black dots (carbon spots). Obviously, the least amount of inclusions, the higher the clarity, and the higher the clarity, the greater the brilliance. The carat refers to the weight or size of the stone. Finally, the color of the stone is also an important factor. The whiter, or lack of color in the stone, the better. Although, some diamonds that are yellow or pink in color can be very valuable. When you combine the best of these four characteristics you will have the maximum brilliance to the stone,

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